Our Perceptions are Making Choices

When I speak of perceptions im talking about GM’s in the NFL, and NBA we are at the point now where we have seen a lot of athletes with off the field problems and suspect work habits.

  This has now scared GM’s into comparing people and the chance that a guy might be Ron Artest is pushing them into bad decisions. The solution is for management to make the effort to get to know the player so it’s no surprise who their getting why? you might ask because they are doing this at the cost of what i get to see. 

I wanted to see Brandon Jennings in NY running Dantoni’s offense not Milwaukee. In San Diego I would rather see Percy Harvin out wide with gates over the middle. It comes down to this would you rather play it safe and keep your job an extra two years or look a prospect in the eyes and believe in him changing his life and become a Bill Poilian,Jerry West, Jerry Reece,or a Theo Epstein the choice is yours.


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