Kobe should send Lebron a bottle of Champagne


Kobe Should Send LeBron a Bottle of Champagne
    Why?  You might ask.  Well, there are two reasons.  Here is the first.  In the generational battle of who the best player in the world is, we usually get the results on the floor.  Because of the Cavs’ management’s ineptitude or LeBron’s shortcomings, we have not yet seen this matchup in a playoff series.  This is also the first time we have witnessed one of the players waving a white flag without a fight.  LeBron didn’t just leave Cleveland; he willingly removed himself from the debate.  This isn’t comparable to the freak injury that removed Grant Hill from the discussion after he left Detroit.  It is still hard to believe, even after watching the awful press conference, that LeBron is taking his talents to South Beach instead of staying in Cleveland to carry a team of his own.
     Basketball’s continual fight for top dog status has always allowed us to see one on one competition in a way football and baseball will never be able to.  Only in this sport can two players compete so closely with everything on the line.  For example, Clyde Drexler fought as hard as he could in the ‘92 Finals, but Jordan simply shrugged his shoulders and showed how far apart the two really were.  In contrast, LeBron, who, at this point, is better than Kobe physically, is bringing Uno cards to the poker game with Bryant mentally. 
     This comfort in numbers that LeBron has found in Miami is the second reason for the champagne.  Kobe now has Jordan in his sights.  This was not on the table before the class of ‘03 joined forces to fight him.  If sports fans see this, then there is no question that Kobe knows what is in front of him.  If he can create epic moments by stopping this trio from reaching the Promised Land, then the Kobe versus Mike comparison will become legit.  I’m not saying he is gonna do it, but, in any job we have in life, don’t we all just want the opportunity to succeed?  To shrink away at this moment is not who Kobe is.  That’s something LeBron would do. 

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