Should gold-diggers really get the gold? By J. Pennington

Wouldn’t it be great to be in the shoes of your favorite star athlete/ entertainer? I mean, think about lots of money, cars, clothes…… but then, what of the hoes I suppose?  With the urge to get “ass” being the primary driving force to every man’s action whether it be from his mate or he’s playing the field, ultimately he wants to get ass.  So with athletes working so hard throughout their lives to become the best at what they do and also wealthy in turn, they have to deal with the type of ass having that much wealth attracts.

I watch television and see a show called “Basketball Wives” and I see several women who feel “betrayed” by their unfaithful NBA husband or upset over not getting what they feel they deserve in the break-up/divorce. What I want to ask these women is “How long has your ass been outside practicing a damn jump shot?”  These men were stars when you met them and that’s why you wanted them in the first place! Case in point the wife of Eric Williams. Now, this guy looks like mud-covered cauliflower and raisins and he is able to get that beautiful woman that he married. This is also not the most charming guy to say the least so what else would be her reason to even date this person, let alone marry, if it is not to get rich by attachment.

Another problem that our beloved star athletes have to be leery of is the dreaded CHILD SUPPORT. I am first to say that you need to protect your self during sex to prevent any unwanted “consequence”, but what about these scandalous women who go for the lotto and the man gets “turkey basted”. With the way child support laws are now these women know that if they can find some way to get pregnant by some of these men THEIR life will suddenly become more comfortable.

So, back to the title of this rant, should they be rewarded? I personally don’t see how a woman can get enough child support to not only not have to work but also be able to drive luxury vehicles, have a huge home, and a fucking nanny! This is insane. I feel that we should stiffen up the law and guarantee there will not be the amount of women getting pregnant suddenly from athletes or any other man that they feel they can supplement their income from.

My suggestion is that instead of the 20% or more they get now how about 20% of whatever minimum wage is no matter what the guy makes. That is enough to help buy food and clothes for that kid you wanted. This is supposed to be “child support” not “child pay for all” If you were married to one of these wealthy athletes then the same should go and you work. If you want the kid to sleep in a nice house, then let them live with the rich daddy.  

Now this is going to piss off anyone who feels entitled because they had a baby by a guy and ”you are the father this is your responsibility too”.  Well I say to any of you from the bottom of my heart…. Fuck you very much  Thank you  for listening


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