True Colors by Eastside Jam

It’s funny to me how the NBA does their business. Honestly if I were in charge, I would probably do the same things because like I said it’s business. Boston went years without a championship but the fan base was there. They sold out night in and night out with Paul Pierce and Antwoin Walker’s shimmy shake. True enough they were playoff contenders but not championship contenders, so what does the league do? Somehow they end up with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Other than Al Jefferson, I can’t recall who else was involved. Ok, maybe I can name a couple but you know what I’m saying. You have to feed your markets for maximum profit.

Now we have New York in the situation. The Garden is sold out always, has been for years and now they need to be rewarded with a star player that can make them a championship contender. They hoped for Lebron and got Amare. To his credit, Amare has made them a playoff contender but what is the league doing? They are forcing Carmelo Anthony to New York. To me it wouldn’t look so obvious if he waited to the end of the season and just became a free agent and signed with New York but that wouldn’t be fair to Denver to let him walk. By the way, Denver is a pretty good team with Melo and they have a good fan base and a little history of success. That alone sparks a red flag for me. I mean Kobe only has a couple more years at a high level and you have San Antonio getting older as well so why not stay in Denver? Oh, his wife is from New York all of a sudden is the issue… yea ok!!

Every year we hear about some owner filing for tampering but I guess its ok for Melo to discuss a deal with another team during the season. I forgot those rumors came from sources, he hasn’t spoke with anyone is what we are to believe. I think Melo will be a Knick and now the markets of NY, LA, BOS and MIA are where the league wants them to be but like I said if I were in charge I would do the same thing for business but not this obvious. The NBA just shows there true colors more than any other league.

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