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Episode 163Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It – Let’s Go! 10/26/11

Episode 162Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
The cast is joined by David Stern for Sports Talk, 10/19/11

Episode 161Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: NFL Week 5 and NBA Lockout, 10/12/11

Episode 160Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Michael Tillery joins Speak It for Today’s Sports conversation, 10/5/11

Episode 159Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: NFL Week 4 and CFB, 9/28/11

Episode 158Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Pray for Troy Davis – New Speak It, 9/21/11

Episode 157Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It! Tonight we are joined by writer Michael Tillery, 9/14/11

Episode 156Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: NFL and NCAA Talk at its best, 9/7/11

Episode 155Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: 8/31/11

Episode 154Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: Naj is joined by Barzey Eastside,
Gordon and Pierre, 8/24/11

Episode 153Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It!!! Miami Scandal and all, 8/17/11

Episode 152Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Quick Show – News Of The Day, 8/10/11

Episode 151Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: from the NFL to A-Rod Poker, 8/3/11


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