Episodes 150-101

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Episode 150Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Quick Sports Update

Episode 149Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Sports takes a back seat this week as we speak with one of the
greatest men born in the USA: Professor Dick Gregory.

Episode 148Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It – Let’s Go!

Episode 147Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
It takes talent to make a good sports show during
a slow week like this. We speak it, you judge it.

Episode 146Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: the only show still good, with limited sports topics.

Episode 145Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It!

Episode 144Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
June 15: new Speak It, talking sports.

Episode 143Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: sports talk in a real way.

Episode 142Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New show: NBA Finals talk from the only honest Sports Radio you can find.

Episode 141Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Show: Naj is joined by co host Craig Barzey and guests Nottydred and G. Gordon.

Episode 140Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: NBA and everything going on in Sports.

Episode 139Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It: host Naj speaks it with co hosts Eastside and Craig Barzey plus @GRobinsonSports.

Episode 138Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Naj and East talk NBA playoffs, NFL draft and controversy.

Episode 137Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
The only honest Sports show back at it again.

Episode 136Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Speak It show: 4/20/2011 on co-host Eastside‘s birthday.

Episode 135Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
NBA talk with Coltrane from gygb.com.

Episode 134Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Show starts at 10pm; fights start at 10:05pm.

Episode 133Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
The start of the end for the criminal NCAA.

Episode 132Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
The NCAA gets whats coming to em.

Episode 131Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
The only Sports show with no PC; Show starts at 10, trouble starts at 10:05.

Episode 130Download (Right-Click, Save-As)

Episode 128Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Naj speaks it with co-hosts Craig Barzey and Eastside Jam along with special guest Coltrane.

Episode 127Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
NBA Trade deadline; Speak It.

Episode 126Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Special show; Around The Horn.

Episode 125Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Super Bowl recap realest Sports Talk out there; Naj, Eastside, Barzey, James back at it.

Episode 123Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Super Bowl show; last comments before kickoff.

Episode 122Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
New Speak It.

Episode 121Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
NFL Playoffs and much more.

Episode 120Download (Right-Click, Save-As)
Jan 11 2011; NCAA champ GM NFL Playoffs and top 10 RBS.


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